Play To Earn Cryptocurrency Token with Decentralized Storage and STAKING!

Play To Earn Cryptocurrency Token with Decentralized Storage and STAKING! Filecoin is decentralized storage, like AWS but there are exciting alternatives building a more decentralized web 3.0 like Bluzelle! Subscribe to VoskCoin here –

Bluzelle decentralized storage, play to earn, stake BLZ!
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Filecoin was the biggest cryptocurrency ICO ever or fundraise and there are some exciting alternatives that have been building for years like Bluzelle and their BLZ token. Pavel Bains is the brains at Bluzelle not Bluezelle cryptocurrency token that is building decentralized storage for the web 3.0 as well as let users stake their BLZ tokens or earn a node earing BLZ coins basically a form of cryptocurrency staking or similar to mining and crypto masternodes. Pavel has a background in game development, so play to earn games built on decentralized cryptocurrency blockchain infrastructure is the play here and honestly that’s pretty exciting here’s Vosk interviewing Pavel Bains the founder of Bluzelle BLZ!

00:00 Meet Pavel and his project
00:59 Uses for BluZelle
02:37 BlueZelle vs FileCoin
04:47 BLZ token overview
06:12 Returns on BLZ
07:20 Earn Passive income with BlueZelle
10:12 BluZelle Origin Story
15:00 Earn 8% APY on BlockFi
16:30 BluZelle first-mover advantage
18:30 The BluZelle Team
19:25 Cold Crypto Winter
22:30 Hardships of BlueZelle
24:10 BluZelle Partnership with Binance
28:46 The future of BluZelle
30:25 Crypto is still young
32:00 Cryptocurrency financial freedom
33:00 Experiment with Crypto
35:30 Believe in Crypto
36:52 VoskCoin Bluzelle BLZ review

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